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Services are divided into three main category.



LCL Export Consolidation

LCL Consolidation is a primary product of our organization.We have a regular LCL Consolidation services from all the major seaports as well as ICD's from India .

We can assure the timely movement of the shipments from any part of India . We cover more than 1500 destinations of the world.

We have weekly regular groupage services to below mentioned sectors:

  • Europe (UK,Germany,Netherlands,Belgium,Spain,France.Poland,Ireland,Sweden,Norway,Finland,Russia,More than 2000 destination in inland Europe )
  • Mediterranean Countries (Italy,Greece,Turkey)
  • Far East,South East Asia: Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand,Cambodia,South Koria,China,Philippines,Australia,New Zeland all the major islands.
  • East Africa & South Africa. (Kenya & South Africa)
  • South Central America & Carri bean countries: All south,centrale American destination via Busan or Honkong or Barcelona.
  • USA & Inland
  • Gulf & Upper Gulf.

LCL Import De consolidation

We have our direct weekly regular console from all the major trading hubs in far east & south east.

We have our console box from :

  • China : Shanghai,Ningbo,Hongkong,Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Qingdao, Dalian, Tianjin.
  • Singapore : We move cargo,s from Philippines,Japan,Indonesia,Thailand,etc shipments via Singapore.
  • Europe : Germany, Nether land,Belgium ,Italy.

Door To Door Delivery

We can carry the goods up to customer door steps elimination all the maritime hazels.This service combines road and/or rail transport with maritime transport to collect or deliver cargo from or to a final destination beyond load or discharge port. Deliveries are coordinated according to the consignee's designated schedule. This service also allows you for cargo arriving in programmed order, eliminating bottlenecks. We also arrange chassis to suit the shipper's cargo needs.

Based on your customized requirements, your packages can be directly delivered to the customer in the destination country after following arrival and customs clearance procedures.

NVOCC & Global FCL Forwarding

"NVOCC (Non vessel owner common carrier)" a term commonly used to denote sea freight forwarding services without operating their own vessels. Saiworld provides services to importers and exporters worldwide and also support them in total logistic solutions. We, as a NVOCC, sign contracts with Shipping Lines to guarantee the shipment of a certain number of units each year. In return, the Shipping Line offers favorable service with best ocean freight rates to the NVOCC.

Buyer Consolidation

Buyer's Consolidation is a distribution and logistics service that allows retailers to bundle products purchased from various manufacturers into a single container at the port of lading for ocean shipment We have created comprehensive network of locally registered companies with its ocean and airfreight transport services is able to provide its clients with a Superior Buyer's Consolidation Service. At the port of lading product is collected for shipment after which our staff monitors the shipment based on the order forms received from its clients. Saiworld is able to provide a seamless and One-Stop service from its own warehouses that includes everything from consigned cargo export, processing through customs at the port of destination and delivery to the consignee's ultimate destination.

We are handling buyers consolidation for recognized buying houses of Europe. As we have office all over India, this has influenced big buying houses to use our service as the cargo moves to jnpt from various parts of India. Our timely and systematic co-ordination with our destination agent / buyers / shippers has resulted in satisfied customers world over. Our office in India has consolidated our position in buyers consolidation and we are very organized to provide similar service to satisfaction of other buyers too.

Hazardous cargo

Hazardous cargo is any cargo made of a hazardous material. A hazardous material is any item or agent (biological, chemical, physical) which has the potential and likelihood of causing harm to humans, animals, or environment if not handled properly.

It can do this on its own or through interaction with other factors. There is an entire profession dedicated to handling hazardous materials properly. Hazardous materials professionals are responsible for and properly qualified to manage these materials. We have professional,experienced & dedicated staff to handle your cargo with care.

ODC ,Project cargo,Break Bulk

Cargo that is too big or too heavy to be loaded onto a flat rack container can be loaded directly onto the vessel. These are known as Break Bulk Cargo. Our staff is well trained and capable to deal with any kind of issue related to Break-Bulk project as well as over dimensional cargo Cargo. Our optimally reliable Services are offered on very genuine rates.

Air cargo

Air Export as well as Air Import. We have tie up with all the major air lines as well as IATA agent which helps us to quote good & negotiated air freight rates to our valuable clients.
We can handle almost everything, but below are our regular products:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Perishable , fruits,vegetables.
  • Chemicals
  • Electronic components
  • Forest products
  • Metals
  • Engineering sub-assemblies
  • High value goods.

Transport & Warehousing solutions

Today's business obstacles are more daunting than ever before, with fluctuating fuel costs, an expanding base of regional suppliers, global environmental concerns and compliance with regulatory mandates. It adds up to a dynamic business landscape, where T&L companies have little control over costs and margins.

Truck transportation and warehousing provide a link between manufacturers and consumers. Businesses contract with trucking and warehousing companies to pick up, transport, store, and deliver a variety of goods. The industry includes general freight trucking, specialized freight trucking, and warehousing and storage.

Wherever your business fits in the T&L realm, SAIWORLD has a proven track record of helping organizations like yours streamline operations and improve business performance. We work closely with our customer to understand business needs, then apply relevant domain insights, best practices and solution accelerators to deliver tangible business results. For us it is "having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer".

Key features of Warehousing

  • Modern and well-equipped warehouses.
  • Adequate insured private warehousing space.
  • Safe storage of goods.
  • Control checks on entry & exit of goods.
  • Warehouse space at the ICD's for storage of goods carted direct at these centers.

Rail Transport

Rail transport is a commonly used mode of long-distance transportation in India. Saiworld can move any cargo from any place to anywhere in India. We have a team of professional who can closely monitor the pick up of cargo from & to railway stations. We have good terms with the CONCOR (Container Corporation of India) which enables us for negotiated freight as well as easy connectivity of rail.

Reg, Railway operations in India almost all rail operations in India are handled by a state-owned organization, Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways. The rail network traverses the length and breadth of the country, covering a total length of 64,015 kilometres (39,777 mi).It is said to be the 4th largest railway network in the world, transporting over 10 billion passengers and over 1050 million tonnes of freight annually. Its operations cover twenty eight states and three union territories.

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